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Man Converts Shipping Container into Tiny Home on Wheels

Hi Alex and Tiny House Newsletter readers, I’ve recently completed (and sold) a 20′ shipping container conversion.

I did it all almost on my own with the exception of electric and plumbing, working out of a storage unit and wanted to share it with you.

It’s just under 160 sq. ft. and has a full kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, flat screen TV, and more.

Man Converts Shipping Container to Tiny Home on Wheels

Okay - I admit its not a ” Tiny ” house but it is amazing how nice this truck / trailer combination turned out.

Okay - I admit its not a ” Tiny ” house but it is amazing how nice this truck / trailer combination turned out.


Hand Built Luxury Tiny House has Fireplace built into stairs and Jacuzzi Bath and Shower for sale.

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ContainerLove, a small modern house | LHVH Architekten

“ContainerLove” is a new modern home in a rural area of western Germany, standing out among more traditional gabled farm houses and barns. It was designed by Cologne-based studio LHVH Architekten.

The home was assembled from three modules, each 3 meters wide and with lengths of 7, 9 and 14 meters. Despite the name, the modules do not seem to be shipping containers; they are wider than the standard 8′ intermodal container and are also wider than the 2.55 meter maximum transport width in effect throughout most of Europe. The extra width is useful though. Even with walls that are thick enough for a good blanket of insulation, there is still plenty of room for furniture in the bedrooms. While many people like the idea of upcycling used shipping containers, the space inside them is just a bit too constricted for placing a double bed with sufficient room to walk around it.

The three modules are arranged in an L-shaped floor plan of approximately 90 m2 (969 ft2). The master bedroom and bathroom are at one end, a second bedroom and an open office are at the other end, the living space in the middle, and a wooden terrace at the inside corner of the L. The open office area could quite easily be walled off to form a third bedroom.

The modules were prefabricated over four weeks. It then took just one day to install them on site, hook up the utilities, and make the house move-in ready.

Photographs by Tomas Riehle, courtesy of LHVH Architekten.

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Thank you for sharing this….

Crossbox, a modern modular house by CG Architectes
In “3+ enclosed bedrooms”

A container house in hiding by Leger-Wanaselja Architecture
In “3 bedroom”

6 prefab boxes make a passive house | Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
In “3 bedroom”
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Treehouse Riga, a compact modular home | Appleton & Domingos

Treehouse Riga is a small modular dwelling with two bedrooms in a compact 44 m2 (474 ft2) floor plan. The tiny house was designed by architects Appleton & Domingos for modular home builder Jular. Treehouse Riga is delivered in two modules, one housing the kitchen and living spaces, and the other containing two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The two modules are offset, creating sheltered spaces for two small patios on opposite corners of the house. A door leads from each patio into opposite ends of the open plan living space, with the main entrance going into the kitchen end. Open shelving eases the transition from the kitchen to the adjacent dining area. Open shelving is less visually intrusive than cabinets, helping to keep a narrow room from feeling even more constricted. Large windows spanning from wall to wall allow the rooms to visually expand into the outdoors, removing any sense of confinement.

The architects devised a clever sliding wood wall panel that opens the second bedroom to the living area. That greatly increases the versatility of the room, allowing it, for example, to be used as an extension of the living room during the day and turned back into a private bedroom at night. In the open “daytime” position, the sliding wall also shields the bathroom door from direct view.

To learn more, please visit the Treehouse website.

Crossbox, a modern modular house by CG Architectes

This dramatically cantilevered home was designed by French firm CG Architectes. “Crossbox” is located in Pont-Péan, a small town in Brittany. The small modern house was built from four prefabricated modules stacked up two per floor. The overhanging upper modules provide for a covered entrance and a carport below, while the exposed tops of the lower modules are used for roof gardens. The sleek green and black finishes emphasize the stacked block concept and contrast with the wood of the adjacent garden shed.

With three bedrooms in its 104 m2 (1,119 ft2) floor plan, this small house was designed for a family. Modern houses usually have open plan layouts, but this one takes a more traditional approach. The floor plan splits up the public spaces, with an eat-in kitchen at one end and a large living room at the other, separated by the staircase and one of the home’s two bathrooms. The downstairs bathroom also serves as the laundry room.

Some websites have mistakenly said that this house is built from shipping containers, or that a copy could be easily built using shipping containers. However, shipping containers are not designed to be cantilevered. They are intended to be stacked with the corners of each container aligned with the corners of the one below. A design like this would require significant reinforcement of both the cantilevered containers and the ones they rest on. This floor plan also has wide rooms with no center wall running down the length of the house. Replicating that with a pair of shipping containers would require removing one entire sidewall from each container. The sidewalls provide structural support and lateral bracing for the roof and any containers stacked on top. While you can cut some openings if you add reinforcement at each side of the opening, there would be no easy way to remove an entire sidewall. So unfortunately for anyone hoping to build a similar design using low-cost shipping containers, it might be possible but it would likely end up being a fairly expensive project.

Photographs by Javier Callejas, courtesy of CG Architectes.

The Milan, a prefab shipping container home | Nova Deko Modular

Australian firm Nova Deko Modular builds modular houses in a wide range of sizes, marketing the smaller ones as “granny flats“. Of those, one of the larger ones is the Milan, based on a standard 40′ shipping container. These photos show an upgraded version with several options not included in the base model.

Nova Deko made good use of the 29.7 m2 (320 ft2) floor space, including a separate bedroom, three-piece bathroom with shower, large clothes and linen closets, a functional kitchen and a stacked clothes washer/dryer. The bedroom is just big enough for a double bed with room to walk around both sides. The kitchen saves space with a two-burner cooktop and an alcove for a convection or microwave oven. Storage has been maximized with cabinets that reach to the ceiling.

In the version shown here, the kitchen cabinetry was extended into the living room as an optional entertainment center, which doesn’t leave much room for seating. That might be fine in warm climates where you can do most of your entertaining on the deck, but many people would likely choose to omit the entertainment center. The wall of cabinetry also makes the interior even narrower. While the aluminum and glass folding doors (or sliding doors on the base model) do keep it from feeling claustrophobic, greater use of open shelving and glass doors on some of the upper cabinets would have made the space seem less confined.

The Milan base model is 47,000 Australian dollars when delivered with 50 km of major Australian port cities. For other destinations, you’d have to request a quote.

320 Sq.Ft. Prefab Shipping Container Home

Nova Deko made good use of the 29.7 m2 320 ft2 floor space, including a separate bedroom, three-piece bathroom with shower, large clothes and linen closets, a functional kitchen and a stacked clothes washer/dryer. The bedroom is just big enough for a double bed with room to walk around both sides.” – Small House Bliss